Splendid rooftop

photographer in istanbul

The depiction of a rooftop view is an ambient of a clear photoshoot. The famous Istanbul rooftop is of that kind, its the meaning of “a roof top that shows other rooftops with plateaus”.
Marked with antennas from which lines are tied. Beautiful oversight for a look ,mixture of colours ,tall and down buildings in the city of its own Istanbul.

The rooftop view surmounts the city with a haze in the sky for a clear shot. The brighter day is perfect and makes the better feel for a portrait.
Pigeons, seagulls and beautiful birds are so close twerking around near with you in the sky on the rooftop making a ravishing, gorgeous, heavenly, winsome photo for your gallery. For a perfect shoot, you need a guru photographer however good the sceneries are you need a some good at it.

Entering the site only costs 150 Turkish lira (20$) per person.

Worry no more, Istanbul photographer is here to take you through with ease due to our expertise in photography. Lets take you to the rooftop and elsewhere for a photo shoot and you wont regret..
We can’t wait to Shoot with you at Splendid rooftop.


  1. Arooj

    I want to know about the splendid photoshoot for the family. Do you take solo pictures for family members or just cover a family as a whole??

  2. istanbulportrait

    Personal shots of family members are made in the family package.

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